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Find useful definitions for common Health & Safety terms.



Person conducting a business or undertaking (Simply this is your employer/business owner) 


Designated Work Groups – these are agreed designated groups within your workplace in which elected HSRs can assist and address WHS issues. Each elected HSR will have a designated work group 


Health and Safety Representative – a worker nominated and elected by workers within the DWG 


Workplace Health and Safety Queensland 


Provisional Improvement Notice - is a tool to improve health and safety in a workplace, encouraging employers and workers to openly discuss health and safety hazards and risks in their workplace. This is utilised if an agreement cannot be reached by all parties and allows the HSR the option to contact an inspector to assist in addressing the outstanding safety concern/s 






Workplace Health and Safety Officer – This person is appointed by the PCBU (employer) to oversee Health and Safety in the workplace. Their interest is more for the benefit of the employer (PCBU) rather than you the employee. As a HSR you solely represent the interest of the employees (your workmates) under your designated work group 


Health and Safety Committees – this committee is made up of equal number of representatives from each side. PCBU, WHSO, HSRs and HSC workers.

WHS Act 2011 

Workplace Health and Safety Act 2011 – Defines your rights as a worker and gives you protections under Workplace Health and Safety. This Act works in conjunction with the WHS Regulations 2011 (Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2011)