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Get Involved

Unions are only as effective as the collective will and ambition of their members and supporters ... to be stronger, be involved!

What we are fighting for

Communities support our campaigns

Research shows more than 60 per cent of the Australian community thinks unions are important for working people.

It reflects that union values are community values. People care about the same things that drive unions – getting a fair go.

Sign up to stay informed about our campaigns to make a real difference to workers, their families and their communities.


What we have achieved

Much has been achieved for the wider community since the introduction in Queensland of the 8-hour working day in 1893.

The labour movement has driven many of the improvements made to the lives of working people – and to our society.

Think about:

  • paid leave (including paid parental leave);
  • universal superannuation;
  • equal pay for women;
  • better working conditions;
  • workplace health and safety laws;
  • stronger laws against wage theft, and;
  • labour hire licensing in Queensland.

What you can do

These improvements were achieved – and remain in place – through the commitment of union members and community support.

You can show your support by:

  • joining your union;
  • signing up to stay informed about our campaigns;
  • coming to rallies and events, and;
  • sharing social media content.

Remember: Together we become even stronger!

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