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What is the process involved in making a claim?

If you are injured at work or sustain a work-related illness, you can apply for workers’ compensation.

An application for workers’ compensation must be lodged within six months of sustaining a workplace injury or illness. If an application is lodged more than 20 days after incurring and injury or illness, the insurer may only be liable to pay compensation 20 business days from the date the application is lodged.

These steps should be taken if making a claim for workers’ compensation.

Step 1
Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Tell the doctor the circumstances of your injury or illness and the connection to your work. The doctor will issue a workers’ compensation medical certificate based on their opinion as to whether the injury or illness is work-related.

Step 2
Tell your employer about your injury or illness as soon as possible. Complete an incident report form.

Step 3
Lodge an Application for Workers’ Compensation with the relevant Insurer.

You should lodge a claim even if you do not intend to have time off work. Failure to do so could mean you are out of time if you try to lodge a claim later. Do not use your own sick leave or annual leave for work-related injuries or illness.

Step 4
The insurer will contact you about your claim and ask for a statement about how the injury or illness happened and ask for any evidence you might have. They will assess the information provided by you, your employer and the doctor. The insurer must make a decision on your application within 20 business days.

Note: It is best to lodge an application for workers’ compensation as soon as possible after the injury was sustained and you attended a doctor in relation to the injury.

While legislation allows an application for workers’ compensation to be lodged within six months of incurring a workplace injury or illness, a delay in lodging an application may mean benefits are not paid from the date the injury is sustained.

It is in your best interest to lodge a claim as soon as the injury or illness has been sustained and you have attended a doctor in relation to the injury.

For your own records, you should retain a copy of any forms, medical certificates and additional information you provide to WorkCover or the self-insurer.

Seek assistance from your union or contact us if you have any questions about making a claim for workers’ compensation.