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100 young people- workers, activists, students, and those new to the movement under the age of 35 - coming together to learn new skills, make connections, and build power.
By the end of the conference, we hope you’ll have an understanding of your rights in the workplace, how to get organised, and why social justice is at the heart of what we do as unionists. The program will cater to those brand new to unions as well as those who are ready to step up and lead, and everyone in between.
There will be opportunities to learn, plan, and take action.
We’ve got a big year ahead of us with new workplace laws, and a referendum on a First Nations Voice to Parliament. For young workers in Queensland, April 1st will just be the beginning.

Please note: tickets are $20 and all information regarding payment is available in the conference pack linked below. 

For any questions about payment or other details, please contact Lovisa from the Young Workers Hub on 0414 939 948 or